Creative Academy is an international postgraduate school specializing in design, opened in Milan by the Richemont Group. It runs courses at master level that teach undergraduates or post-specialisation school students creativity applied to products.

Only twenty successful students are admitted every year into the exclusive Master of Arts in Design course offered by Creative Academy in Milan, the postgraduate school specializing in luxury design.

Creative Academy offers the world of luxury young creative talents through a passage directly from school to one of the most prestigious working community in the field of luxury brands: the Richemont Group.

A thorough combination of theory and practice supported by a steering committee and internal members composed by some of the greatest designers, architects and top management of the most famous luxury brands providing them with the professional skills required. Teachers will follow the young designers to create branded products in the field of jewellery, watchmaking hard products and fashion accessories.

Academic Resources

Creative Academy is located in the north-western part of Milan in a spacious and modern loft, roughly 800 m², restructured in 2004 under the direction of the architect Francesco Spadaro, ‘fs_a associated’, Milan. The administration offices, classrooms and research facilities are all located on the ground floor. Part of this space is also taken up by a vast, roughly 300 m², area reserved for cultural events and exhibitions. The first floor hosts the library and a large open space dedicated to offices and conference rooms.

The school provides students with open areas and modern equipment. Its two classrooms have desks equipped with the latest generation PCs, allowing students to use advanced three-dimensional projection programs. The classrooms are equipped with scanners, color laser printers and the most advanced audio-video equipment, with video recording on CD-Rom. Students can use these classrooms to study and develop their projects. They can even do so outside normal classroom hours, every day until 8:00 pm.

Each student regularly receives didactic material including detailed information on professors and guest speakers, guided tours and events of interest. They are also given free access to the internet.

Library facilities

Creative Academy offers its students access to the school’s private library, specialized in design and applied arts: a priceless tool for their study and project development.

The library currently contains roughly 2000 volumes. The number of acquisitions is continually growing, thanks in part to numerous private donations.

This is an ambitious project: its goal is to give life to a collection of specialised international books and periodicals, primarily in English, which can become in time an important reference point for the study of design and decorative art with a particular focus on jewellery and watchmaking.

The library is coordinated and financed on Creative Academy’s behalf by The Foundation for the Arts and Artistic Craftsmanship, a private non-profit foundation, active in Milan since 1995 with the mission of safeguarding and promoting art and artistic craftsmanship.

The foundation for the arts and artistic craftmanship

The activities of Creative Academy are supported by Cologni’s Foundation for the Arts and Artistic Craftsmanship with many projects and initiatives under the sign of the common interest for “know how” and young people formation.

Cologni’s Foundation for the Arts and Artistic Craftsmanship is a non-profit private institution born in Milan in 1995 thanks to the will of Franco Cologni, who is its President.

Its initiatives, all orientated to the defence and the promotion of the arts and artistic craftsmanship, are turned to young people: train new generations of craftsmen, preserving the artistic craftsmanship from their disappearance. In addition there are numerous activities turned to encourage young people to undertake some contemporary craftsmanship (as the photographer, the designer, the copywriter… ) that offer job opportunities.

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