The ideal solution for living in Milan during a long period of study is, obviously, to rent a flat. On the other hand, a hotel or residential hotels are certainly advisable for the first few days: they allow you to get acquainted with the city and take a few days to look patiently for the right place to stay in the following months. Throughout its neighbourhoods Milan offers a large choice of hotels at various levels of comfort and price.

Residential hotels are mostly located in the centre of town or close to it. They offer small flats (from 20 to 50 M²) that can also include a kitchenette. They are usually run as hotels, with daily cleaning, a sheet and towel service and sometimes a laundry service. Prices start at € 1.500 per month, including heating, hot water and a cleaning service.

A youth hostel is certainly the most economical option for a short stay. The Youth Hostel “Piero Rotta” is the classic hostel frequented mostly by young, foreign tourists. It is easy to reach: take the red line on the tube, (Metropolitana, linea rossa) in the direction of Molino Dorino, get off at the QT8 station and you are just a few steps away from the hostel. Prices start at 19.00 € per night including breakfast. For more information please check the following link.

As in most big towns, rents are rather high, especially in the centre and the most exclusive areas. Much more convenient accommodation can be found in less central areas and closer to the school, especially flat-shares with other students. This solution can be a very pleasant experience, particularly for those who have to settle in a new city.

Average rents: a furnished flat-share can start from €300 for a shared room and from €400/500 for a single-occupancy room. Those who prefer the advantages of independent accommodation must plan for a monthly budget of approximately €600/800 for a studio flat and €800/1.100 for a two-roomer.

The school secretary’s office will provide students with potential offers of flats or rooms to let.
It is usually advisable in Italy to be up-to-date on the conditions of the accommodation, i.e potential charges, and to anticipate costs for utilities (electricity, gas and telephone) that are generally not included in the rent.

Foreigners’ Services

EU Citizens

Starting from April 11th 2007 EU citizens will not need the Residence Permit.

For staying longer than three months it is only necessary to be registered at the municipality of residence, as any Italian citizen. Go to:

Comune di Milano

Ufficio Anagrafe, via Larga 12 (Ground Floor)

Fill out the application form you will find at the counter and bring with you the following documentation:

  • Identity Card or Passport

  • Statement certifying that you are in Italy for Study Reasons

  • Medical Insurance Policy or declaration of the insurance company certifying that you are covered for all the medical expenses for the entire period of the course.

Please note: Swiss citizens need to submit also their birth certificate to notify their place of birth.

Opening Time

Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 15:30
Wednesdays, 08:30 – 19:30

Non-EU Citizens

Within eight days from your arrival in Italy you have to go to a Post Office in order to receive a yellow kit containing some forms to be duly filled in (with the help of Creative Academy).

In addition to the completed application form, the applicant must also submit the following documentation:

  • Identity document (Passport – valid at the time of submission of the application) for the purpose of identification by post office workers;

  • Complete photocopy of passport

  • Photocopy of the complete additional identity document if needed

  • Photocopy of the statement certifying the course of study to be taken stamped by the Italian Diplomatic/Consular mission when the entry visa is issued

  • Photocopy of medical insurance policy

  • A copy of receipt of payment of € 27,50 for issue of the residence permit on electronic medium. The form to be filled in, in order to effect this payment, can be found in all Post Offices that have “Sportello Amico”

Pay attention: the envelope with all these documents shall be delivered opened to the Post Office Operator

Taxes to be paid:

  • The cost of the application is € 30,00 to be paid at the post office counter upon acceptance of the application

  • € 27,50 as specified above

  • A revenue stamp of €14,62

Once identification of the applicant and checking of the required documentation have been completed, a registered letter receipt (mod. 22A) is issued which lists the users ID and password needed to check the state of progress of the application.

Keep it carefully: you need it to check the progress of your file entering the written user ID and password on the reserved area of website.

The Police Station office nearest to your residence will contact you by registered letter in order to have your fingerprints. Bring with you four passport size photos with white background.

As soon as the residence permit on electronic medium is ready the immigration department will contact you by registered letter.

The study permit lasts for a year and is renewable

Opening time:

Any day, except Sunday, between 8.30 a.m. and 12.30 a.m.


Via Fatebenefratelli, 11

Tel: +39 02 62261

The opening times of the Questura might change. It is advisable to consult the site before.