Designers are innovators of shapes and functions, interpreters and anticipators of emerging aesthetic lines. Master of Arts in Design, which is a post-graduate course, aims at developing these qualities and attitudes together with technical and design skills and competencies, instilled both through workshops and constant interaction with enterprises in this sector.


Channel the creative elements of design through a practical knowledge of artistic craftsmanship while constantly maintaining in perspective both brand name and final customer.

  • work for a luxury brand

  • work according to a brief

  • understand and integrate applied arts and crafts


The master course is reserved for 20 young people worldwide who have successfully completed an undergraduate course (or equivalent) related to design. Previous work experience is a preferred qualification. The courses will be conducted in English.

Candidates profile:

  • undergraduate degree in industrial, interior, graphics, fashion, jewellery or watch design

  • A good command of the English language

  • 21 to 28 years old (preferable age bracket)

  • work experience, even at apprenticeship level, is preferable


Candidates should submit the following documentation not later than September 30th, 2013:

  1. Application Form.

  2. Portfolio: students are advised to constitute a colour printed portfolio, which also includes some sketches and hand drawings since the Jury is keen on hand drawing skills. (3D models CDs are optional).

  3. Curriculum Vitae.

  4. Two passport size photos

Please note: portfolios and projects sent to Creative Academy will not be returned.


12,000 Euros (10,000 + VAT). Scholarship will be awarded to the most deserving students.