Master of arts in design and applied arts

The Creative Academy Master Program shares its extensive know-how of design through professional experience and top-level training. Students are accompanied through the entire process, from conception to design, on to production and communication. Learning takes place through workshops and constant interaction with the Maisons of Richemont.

Course Structure


at Creative Academy

(January - July)

7 months


Internship granted to deserving students

(September - November)

3 months

Richemont Diploma

Course duration

10 months

Master specialising in




Only 20 of the most promising and successful design students from schools all over the globe are admitted into the program each year.


  • Manual and 3D rendering – watches, jewellery and accessories
  • Jewellery seminar – history, gemstones and precious stones
  • Watch seminar – history, mechanical watches, innovation and trends
  • Accessories seminar – focused on leather goods: materials and trends
  • Luxury seminar – definition, industry, competitors, marketing
  • Métiers d’Art seminar – the importance of the dialogue between designer and craftsmen
  • Intellectual property – the rules and regulations of the means of protection
  • Presentation skills and public speaking – necessary to present your ideas effectively

Design Projects

  • Structure your creativity within a professional context
  • Design for our Maisons, partners and for Salone del Mobile
  • Project methodology – understanding the process within a professional context
  • The brief – the starting point and boundaries of the design project
  • DNA – studying the codes of the Maisons to create in harmony with them
  • Research and moodboards: search and convey your inspiration through evocative images and layout
  • Present your ideas – Powepoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, KeyShot and Rhino
  • Have one-to-one revisions with the Creative Directors and managers

Visits & Ateliers

  • Geneva, Switzerland: start the master by going to the SIHH to see the year’s watch novelties
  • Rome, Italy: experience an atelier workshop to familiarize with Métiers d’Art
  • Florence and Rome, Italy: discover the Opificio delle Pietre Dure with its astounding treasures
  • Florence and Rome, Italy: meet and discover amazing craftsmanship ateliers
  • Milan, Italy: discover design and fashion in the worldwide capital
  • Salone del Mobile: be a protagonist with Creative Academy’s installation
  • Design – complete the prototyping phase in the atelier on accessories design
  • Understand the complexity of jewellery making, by hand and industrially


  • Deserving students are chosen by Creative Directors for a 3 month internship at one of the prestigious Richemont Maisons
  • Internships generally run from September through November
  • Assignments are based on the Creative Director’s evaluation of skills and talent, as demonstrated during the Master Program
  • Unique opportunity to work and train in a high-end luxury environment
  • Have your opportunity to show your talent and be offered a long-term contract


Creative Academy functions like a professional environment: attendance is mandatory and hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM, with a 1 hour lunch break from 12.30 to 1.30. Make sure to have your badge always with you!


Tuition fees are €10.000 + VAT and include all lectures and didactic activities, computer equipment and software, teaching materials and presentations (if applicable); scholarships are attributed, see the section Program.


Should you successfully complete the academic activities, be chosen by one of the Richemont Maisons for the internship and successfully completing the internship you will receive our Certificate.

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